Experimental greenhouse

Trying New Ways to Develop Even Further.

Ceraco Bulbi decided to make huge investments for the technical improvement of the species on offer by designing and implementing the activities of the company’s Experimental Greenhouse. New varieties of bulbous plants are regularly introduced in this Experimental Greenhouse, with the aim of finding the most suitable ones to be placed on the market. Thanks to the contribution of expert agronomists, and in particular thanks to the abilities Domenico Langellotto has achieved in time (and in fact his abilities allow him to personally and continuously monitor the activities), original species of bulbous plants are selected in the greenhouse. Such plants are distinguished not only for their aesthetical value, but also for their performances and for the long life of the cut-off stem, as well as for their easy transportation and packaging. Another important aspect is early cultivation, in the frame work of which early flowering allows to cut on production costs, thanks to Energy saving and to an increase in the production cycle, as well as to guarantee a stronger and longer seasonal presence of the species.

SerraSerra sperimentale