Who we are

A Family History, an International Success.

Ceraco Bulbi was established in 1992 by Domenico Langellotto. This company is based in the region Campania, a land where nursery gardening production has been a strong tradition for centuries, thanks to the richness of the Volcanoes which originated after the eruption of Vesuvius. This company grew thanks to the initiative and the intuition of its founder, who has the same passion for flower growing his father Vincenzo had. Despite being well-known on National and International markets, Ceraco Bulbi was able to preserve its family-run business character, as is witnessed by the fact that Domenico’s brother, Gabriele, became one of the directors of the company a few years after it was created. The acquisition of specific know-how, the constant attention to innovation and the increase of the quality standards of the products on offer are the strong points which allowed Ceraco Bulbi to gradually change the conditions of the Campania market, turning it into a reference point for local growers and for the most important European companies working in this sector.

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